Enforced Cocksucking Training


Trapped and made to practice



This file will force you to practice sucking cock–on a dildo, or with a partner–at least once a week. If you do not, you will face punishments including a time-out, a spanking, orgasm denial, and more enforced cocksucking and further hypnotic conditioning.

This training utilizes both proven psychological methods, and a mind-seducing format:

-First, you will have your love of cock and desire to suck cock affirmed, in a similar manner to my recent cocksucking brainwashing file.

-Second, you will be told in explicit detail what I am ordering you to do–to practice sucking cock at least once every week, or face punishment that I will later describe.

-Third, you will be led through a vivid description of what a practice session will look and feel like, and how good it will feel to practice.

-Fourth, I will describe the punishments that you will face if you fail to suck cock at least once a week, by not only stating them, but walking through a fantasy of how they will make you feel, and how they will further enhance your obedience and submission and desire to suck cock. And because of these punishments, after listening to this file, you will be unable to cum if you do not practice sucking cock at least once a week.

-Finally, to seal in this conditioning and the effects of this file, you will be ordered to go practice immediately–in fact, you will not be free from trance until you practice sucking cock for at least 10 minutes.

Along the way you will be instilled with suggestions and submissive conditioning such as a lust for cock, a strong feeling of pleasure from sucking cock, suggestions of being able to orgasm just from sucking cock, an understanding of your place as an obedient, cocksucking slave, and more. With the suggestion to go practice at the end of this file, this file requires about 45 minutes for the full experience. It can be used with any induction or looped conditioning file–here, I have paired it with my recently released Interactive Sucking Induction. Purchasing this file will also give you access to just the body file.