Mission statement for my kink education resources

I’m Sera: Erotic Hypnotist, content creator, facilitator and educator in the Minneapolis kink scene. I’ve been around the Minneapolis BDSM community and practicing hypnosis for around a decade now. Find all my other links here: All My Links

This website serves double-duty as hypnosis content and kink education: for locally in the Minneapolis kink community, and beyond it! You can read about my values and the Sera Deep brand here: Values and Mission Statement

The main niche I seek to fill with my educational kink content is creating “beginner-approachable” materials for people new to various “edgeplay” topics with complex consent that are usually seen as “advanced.” I believe that by telling people that these kinks are not things for beginners to engage with, they follow that advice and don’t engage with them until later in their journeys. That sounds fine, but at that point, they never learned the basics of those topics, and then harm often occurs when they start exploring them.

I also recognize that kink resources and education materials aimed at a beginner audience are inherently presenting incomplete truths–my goal is that all resources and writings I share reduce harm more than they risk being incomplete. I’m one person–but I’m very confidently comfortable presenting my perspectives and experiences in ways that I’ve been told have been productive and led to introspection or personal insights.

Sera Deep: My brand and values

At the end of 2017, I launched Twist Hypnosis–an Erotic Hypnosis Patreon marking my first major foray into kink not only as a hobby and fun, but something I put on my resume. Since then, I’ve become far more invested into the BDSM community as a lifestyle.

Most relevant as a hypnotist–I’m trans and transitioned during a content creation hiatus, and my voice has changed quite a lot. My pre-2021 content doesn’t sound the same as my content made after returning from hiatus.

As I continue to grow, and my projects and goals become larger, the need for a consolidated brand to encompass everything I do in the kink community has become stronger. I needed a name that could encompass everything I do as a content creator, educator, developer, and enthusiast. Something that could be equal parts mature and slutty! And, importantly, if it needed to be comprehensive of myself in the BDSM community, a name I could identify with.

That name is Sera Deep!

Playful with innuendo evocative of both slutty deepthroating and hypnosis at once, while staying mature enough to fit with everything that I do as an educator and facilitator in a way that feels like myself. (And I got the logo to wrap around itself nicely like sexy tendrils or tentacles, too ^_^ )

With this new name also comes a public statement of values I hold dear:

– Sexual expression is an important form of self-expression
– Kink can exist both as recreation and resistance
– All bodies are good bodies and all deserve respect and pleasure
– Trans rights are human rights
– HRT is healthcare.
– Trans women are women
– Trans men are men
– Non-binary identities are valid identities
– Black lives matter
– White supremacy is violence
– Queer love, sex, and family are real, needed, and important
– Sex work is real work
– No human is illegal
– It is both our responsibility and a boon to our safety to believe survivors
– Vaccinations, testing, and safer sex are key to public health

Content I produce will be held to these values.

Oh. And if the above was way too wordy, yes. I am also going to be producing and posting more smut and porn. https://onlyfans.com/seradeep

Why do you have political statements on an Erotic Hypnosis and BDSM / Kink Resources website?

The above are not political statements, they are community safety and human rights statements.

Studies have shown, repeatedly and uncontroversially, that hateful language directly threatens and harms in actual physical ways.

I believe that community safety is intrinsically linked to education, especially within kink and BDSM. It simply isn’t possible to learn without a safe environment.

This extends to content creation, too. Hypnosis feels very vulnerable. The are, unfortunately, quite a few erotic hypnotist file creators out there that do not believe the above. Building rapport makes hypnosis stronger and better. I want people listening to me to know they’re safe and the person behind the content believes they are valid.