You Thirst for Cum


Create a link in your mind between water and cum



Listen with a glass of warm water nearby, as I’ll be walking you through a couple exercises designed to create a link in your mind between water and cum. Over repeated listenings, and following the instructions in the file, you’ll think about–and lust for–cum every time you drink water or even wash your hands, and even imagine tasting, feeling and smelling it when you drink water. And, of course, just as you need water daily, your lust for cum will become an ever-present part of life.

Listen to this one with caution: If you follow all of the instructions in the file, it could be extremely invasive to your thoughts. And I’m not saying that to “talk it up,” but rather because this sort of mental exercise is how actual, potentially permanent associations can be formed, via some methods that are very well-supported by mainstream psychology research. We’re basically using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a perverted purpose in this file.