Progressive Relaxation Induction (Free!)


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Discussing my hypnosis work with a friend of mine, she pointed out that I didn’t have any simple, progressive muscle relaxation induction made yet. So, this induction is for all the fans of the classics. I walk you through progressive muscle relaxation, instructing you to stretch and relax your body, all while peaceful sensations flow through you. Once your body has become sleepy, quiet and calm, I count down from 10 to 1 and encourage the same with your mind, substituting your thoughts for mine and allowing you to fully relax into trance.

This file is non-erotic, and does not feature D/s themes, language, or pet names. I have several erotic inductions now, and last month made a D/s-themed induction, so I think this file nicely fills a missing gap in my current library, and will be very enjoyable to those who enjoy trance itself.