Enforced Anal Training


Trapped and made to fuck



This script is a bit devious and highly addictive, and it will have you needing to practice and train your ass for me every single week to avoid the punishments that I describe in the file. This is a “sister file” to my Enforced Cocksucking Practice file and uses the same psychologically-proven, powerful, and seductive format:

-First, we will affirm your desire to be fucked and used, and your lust for having cock and cum pumped into your tight, slutty ass.

-Second, I will give you your command–You must train your ass every week, at least once a week. You can fulfill this by wearing a buttplug, by using your fingers, or, my personal favorite for you, by fucking yourself long and hard with a dildo.

-Third, I describe what this practice will look like, and how it will make you feel. You will learn and know it in yourself that you will feel so much pleasure by training, that being fucked could even make you orgasm, and that pleasure is nearly enough motivation on its own to ensure that you will train every week, but…

-Fourth, I will instill further commands and describe the punishments that will be carried out if you fail to practice in a given week. You will kneel in time out while repeating a reinforcing mantra, then give yourself a hard spanking while begging to be fucked. After you do this, your guilt will be purged and you will be determined to practice every week.

-Finally, before you are allowed to awaken from trance, you will be ordered to go and practice immediately. I will describe different ways that you may fulfill this command, but you *will* follow it and you *will* train your ass right then and there before you can escape trance.

This file includes my newly released “Submit to Trance” induction. You can also download a version of the recording without any induction, so that you may use another one of my inductions or any induction you wish.