Tentacle Monster Seduction


Can a tentacle monster be seductive, not scary?



Experience a tentacle monster holding your limbs down firmly, and caressing your body into a deep, relaxing trance. You will pulled down into trance by seductive tentacles that send shivers of pleasure through your body with every touch, and they will remain with you during the session to follow this induction, being felt with gentle vibrations of pleasure from every word that I speak.

They’re found in myth, rhyme, poem and porn dating back decades, on nearly every continent, from Robert Herrick’s poem from 17th century England to modern-day hentai. Tentacle monsters–writhing masses of slimy tendrils that confine and penetrate, beings that are manifestations of pure sexual energy–are usually seen with a sort of Lovecraftian horror, a sense of dread.
But what if we subvert that idea? This file began with a question: could a tentacle monster be seductive instead of scary?

This file contains post-hypnotic suggestions for the length of any file of mine that you play after it. It pairs great with tentacle-themed files of mine, or any other file to give it a tentacle-twist!