Suffer for Me (Workshopping with a muse) (Free!)


A special peek behind the curtain, crafting a file with a partner.


A special peek behind the curtain. When I work on hypnosis files, I’m often trying new ideas with my in-person partner I do hypnosis with. During a date night a bit ago, I started testing and workshopping some of my ideas for this upcoming file with her. After the first 10 minutes or so I decided that what I was saying was worth recording–and now I’ve got a recording of an actual, in-person hypnosis session, where I am both messing with her and ironing-out exactly how I want to execute this new trigger file!

Enjoy being a sort of fly on the wall to a fun creative experience with her and I.

Note: about 20 minutes and 40 seconds in, there’s a jump. I went a little bit… dark and to comply with Patreon ToS I cannot share the full session with her as I delved into types of visualization and kink play that Patreon frowns upon for being too violent. Apologies for this gap, and feel welcome to fill it with whatever fucked-up fantasies you can imagine.