Minneapolis kink BDSM presenter, Minneapolis erotic hypnotist: Sera Deep

I’m Sera Deep: Erotic Hypnotist, content creator, facilitator and educator in the Minneapolis kink scene. I’ve been around the Minneapolis BDSM community and practicing hypnosis for around a decade now.

This website serves double-duty as hypnosis content and kink education: for locally in the Minneapolis kink community, and beyond it! You can read about my values and the Sera Deep brand here: Values and Mission Statement

Also find me at: https://www.patreon.com/SeraDeepHypnosis

Minneapolis Kink BDSM Erotic Hypnotist Sera Deep

I’m kinda like a hypnosis-themed comic book supervillain crossed with a VTuber.

Hypnosis is a fantastic way to explore fantasies or indulge in desires. In addition to practicing hypnosis, I have long enjoyed listening to hypnosis and brainwashing files. Something that I have always found missing in most of the erotic hypnosis world is BDSM, S/M, and D/s content. With my erotic hypnosis, I aim to fill that gap and provide BDSM hypnosis catering to many different fetishes, including masochism and sadism, humiliation, bondage, emotional masochism and more.

I enjoy many different kinks and fetishes, and you can expect files featuring many BDSM activities, including files drawing inspiration directly from real experiences I have had in the community–the Minneapolis kink / BDSM community, and more. One of my other favorite hypnosis fetishes is “coerced bi” / “slutification” / cock addiction / brainwashing on this theme. I’ll be making plenty of scripts lending to this fetish and more! Additionally, when I first started making hypnosis files one fetish I ended up dabbling in was tentacle sex. I’m quite open to “hentai” fetishes, and you can expect some of that here as well!

The main niche I seek to fill with my educational kink content is creating “beginner-approachable” materials for people new to various “edgeplay” topics with complex consent that are usually seen as “advanced.” I believe that by telling people that these kinks are not things for beginners to engage with, they follow that advice and don’t engage with them until later in their journeys. That sounds fine, but at that point, they never learned the basics of those topics, and then harm often occurs when they start exploring them.

You’ll notice that content here is split between Twist Hypnosis and Sera Deep Hypnosis. I’m a trans woman. My voice is a relatively androgynous fem: soft but playful, and strong but supporting. I’ve had many trans women ask where I did voice training–I didn’t, I’ve had a naturally soft feminine voice since I was born and it has become more-so since transitioning. I transitioned during a content creation hiatus, returning in 2021. To account for the change in my voice, the Twist Hypnosis brand is retained for all content released prior to returning from hiatus in 2021. All content produced, re-recorded, or released after 2021 is branded under Sera Deep.

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I control your hands to respond to triggers
Can a tentacle monster be seductive, not scary?
Use your mouth while you drift into trance
Create a link in your mind between water and cum
Blackmail themed file fucking a dildo. Show the camera for me <3

Queer Twin Cities-based Minneapolis erotic hypnotist, domme, kink, BDSM educator and presenter – Sera Deep